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Samsung SmartThings

Enables you to control and monitor your home from anywhere.

Founded in Silicon Valley 2012, SmartThings is set on building the best Open Platform for Smart and Connected Homes. The system consists of a central controller (Hub), a cloud platform and client applications. Market launch has been very successful and new markets and countries are continuously added.

One of the main challenges was to find the right balance between superusers who want to program their own houses and the fast growing market of people looking for a way to easily connect their home. Another big challenge of building an Open Platform is keeping API’s and connections with Third Party Developers efficient and clear in an ever evolving Digital World.

Devoteam Creative Tech is helping SmartThings develop and create great mobile services, on both Android and iOS platforms. Our experience in mobile development, performance, scaling and designing intuitive mobile solutions has been a great help to SmartThings. Our work for Samsung Smart Things is led by our Silicon Valley Studio.