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resound relief – Design with a purpose: An application created to ease the lives of people living with tinnitus.

The ReSound Relief™ is an application that uses a combination of sounds and relaxing exercises which aims to distract the brain from focusing on tinnitus. As design and software partner, Jayway helps GN ReSound towards the goal of making the best app on the market for managing tinnitus.

GN ReSound are experts on tinnitus and hearing treatments. By combining their knowledge with our experience and competencies within mobile development, UX and UI design, we have set out to make a true difference for the users. Through Jayway design sprints and user testing, we are on the way to redesign the entire application.

First steps have been to change the structure of the navigation system and make it into an intuitive user journey. The overall user experience has already improved the app ratings and we are continuously developing the features of the application, in close collaboration with GN ReSound.

Our work for GN ReSound is led by our studio in Copenhagen.

“Beautiful app. Seamless and the soothing sounds are perfect. Thanks for an amazing app. Keep up the great work.” – Resound relief user.