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ozo live by nokia

OZO Live enables realtime capture and broadcast of virtual reality content.

The challenge was to build a robust web based application for real-time changes that could be extended with new functionality. The main focus has been the stability and reliability of the application. Every single frame drop is associated with a price tag and any interruption could be very costly for any broadcast production. Although Nokia controls and owns the design, Devoteam Creative Tech have been inspirational and influenced the final design.

Nokia has entered the professional VR production market with its OZO+ cameras and software. Their vision is to offer a full suite of products to create, deliver and experience VR with the highest quality possibly imagined. One of these products is OZO Live. Nokia turned to Devoteam Creative Tech for building the web application that is used for controlling the stitching, color correction, audio mixing, etc of the final output stream.

An amazing group effort. Devoteam Creative Tech had the main responsibility for coordinating and delivering the web application. 

The solution uses HTML5 standards such as websockets together with React library for compact and testable JavaScript code. The backend uses Scala and Akka for performance and functional elegance. The actual video pipeline is written in C++ and CUDA libraries. 

The development team has been at times divided between three timezones working around the clock: Sunnyvale, Helsinki and Tokyo. Our work for Nokia has been led by our Silicon Valley Studio.