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Jabra – Companion app engineered to create an extraordinary, personalized user experience and sound


Jabra is a Danish company with the ambition to create best-in-class sound solutions. As Jabra’s close software partner of 5 years, the goal for Devoteam was to develop the best companion app for wireless earbuds. In collaboration, we developed the Sound+ app to support Jabra’s Elite 65 T earbuds. The earbuds have sensors combined with advanced software and mobile apps. In combination, it increases the value for wireless earbud-users.

With the launch of the Sound+ app, Jabra also opened up a new business area. With the continuous development of their software, Jabra is one of the leading players on the market for wireless earbuds. Today, Sound+ supports 14 headsets with more being added, all offering an excellent user experience.

What we did

Devoteam design sprint, UX design, UI design, Product design, Native iOS & Android, Custom build integration with Amazon Alexa on both iOS and Android.

The partnership

Devoteam has been a trusted software partner and expert for Jabra on the entire journey, including several projects along the way. We work on new mobile solutions and develop the next generation of software for wireless headphones and earbuds. 

Devoteam has delivered Design Sprints, UX/UI, native Android/iOS development, Agile leadership and integrations with the embedded software. The collaboration has been done with Jabra in a co-located environment with a core team of two Android developers, two iOS developers, and two designers.

Creative tech

Creative Tech focuses on how development and design work together. We create valuable technology for people in the real world. Together with our client, we assemble a team that unites the required competencies in order to develop the best solution. This approach has made us technology-agnostic and agile experts, who know how to use the full potential of a cross-functional team.


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Peter Sandström 

Managing Director