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Artificial intelligence friend that helps you look after your savings.

Ethical usage of deposits, Board of Directors gender diversification, integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs – all of these inputs plus several other values-driven criteria are used in order to offer the very best banking option to their consumer. The mission of SBIC, the start-up behind Ella, is to influence true value-driven change in the way financial products are introduced to the market. 

Ella help continue to bridge the gap between best financial product in terms of return of capital, but also in terms of societal contribution. SBIC wanted to develop their vision into something tangible. To kick start the process we began with a design sprint, gathering information & knowledge about their business idea, the potential customer and the problem, exposing assumptions and knowledge gaps.

Ella aims to redefine how consumers look at their savings accounts and with which banks they choose to do business.

Together we explored different possibilities and through this exploratory process we chose to create a light-hearted yet professional mobile experience. The core of the experience is Ella, an intelligent chatbot that manages your savings account based on your wants, needs and values. The Ella mobile app is currently under development and will be available initially on the iOS platform. Our work for SBIC is led by our Stockholm Studio.