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gjensidige & gouda – Simplifying the customer journey for web and mobile solution

Jayway is a trusted partner for Gjensidige & Gouda on their digital journey. Understanding and purchasing insurances can be a complex and overwhelming experience – also on digital platforms. In need of a web and mobile solution, Jayway developed a webshop for Gjensidige and mobile application for Gouda.

In our partnership, it has been important for us to understand the needs of Gjensidige and Gouda’s users in order to create the best possible solutions for each platform. Through concept development workshops with Gouda and close collaboration with Gjensidige, we worked together to uncover how to link each segment to a personalized user journey.

The goal was to create a unison experience in both web and mobile design. With strategic UX and UI and our expert knowledge on Native iOS and Android, we continuously work to create better digital services for Gjensidige and Gouda’s customers. Our work for Gjensidige & Gouda is led by our Studio in Copenhagen.