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Enabling customers to reach their goals through a tailored loyalty program.

In the fall of 2018, the Danish bank, Nykredit, decided to take the next step towards establishing a personalized counseling experience through a new digital membership loyalty program. Nykredit sought an agile expert partner with solid design and development capabilities. The task was to turn a concept into a final design and further develop the digital service tailored to add value for the users and Nykredit.

In close partnership, we designed and developed the app, MineMål (MyGoals), to secure a good customer experience on top of the benefits from the loyalty program. By following design sprints and an agile approach to development – focusing closely on bringing value in working software – we managed to bring the program and app from idea to launch in only 6 months. Our team of designers and developers delivered a solid app with all essential features including:

  • Save up, manage transactions and follow the progress of your goals directly from your MyGoals account in a safe and intuitive way.
  • Contact your advisor through the app.
  • Overview of partners and benefits.

Over several iterations, additional features and enhancements based on user and partner feedback have been developed and added.

Nykredit & Jayway by Devoteam.

Time span:
Launch of Minimum Viable Product in 6 months. Continuous development.

Jayway Studio:

Project type:
Mobile development, Product design, Integration, CMS, Custom back-end.

2 Designers, 2 iOS developers, 2 Android Developers, 1 Tester, 1 Project Manager/Architect.

A better experience for members.

The app MineMål (MyGoals) is part of a loyalty program that offers financial benefits, support, and inspiration to Nykredit’s customers. It helps users to define and reach their goals and get more out of life as homeowners. The app plays a significant role as it is intended to increase long-term customer relations. By becoming involved earlier in their customers’ journey towards their goals and dreams, Nykredit can offer better counseling and support, ultimately leaving the customers with a better experience.

From concept to launch in 6 months.

Through an agile process, the concept and app were ready for launch within 6 months.

Long-term customer retention.

The key focus was to increase long-term customer retention of their key customer segment – the homeowners in Denmark. 

Services delivered to the project.

Custom Design Workshops / Iterative product development / UX + graphic design / System architecture / Mobile development / Quality assurance.

We sought a vendor expert in agile development, with design thinking workshop capability and integrated design and development across apps and back-end. The agile collaboration with Jayway and their ways of working allowed us to reach the market with a solid concept and product within 6 months, which otherwise would have taken us far longer. The way they work agile, deliver quality software and design has not only provided us with an app but also been an inspiration on how we do new ways of working at Nykredit.

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