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BeChange – Inspiring people to a more sustainable life

BeChange is a sustainability education company. They base their services on their unique, world-leading, and brand-protected programs, making it easier for individuals to create a greener lifestyle customized to their needs. So far, they have run on-site courses in four different cities in Sweden and have helped attendees to almost half their carbon emissions. 

The next step on their journey was to develop a digital solution that can be used globally by individuals and corporations to inspire and help even more with greener and long-term lifestyle changes. 

“It has been a real pleasure to develop our digital solution together with Jayway Devoteam. They were flexible and super easy to work with throughout the whole process. And we had fun! When you work with great people, in a supportive and creative environment, amazing things happen! We could not think of a better team to work with – their team actually feels part of our team now. We are so grateful!”

The solution

The solution was an online educational platform. The platform makes it easy for BeChange to administer courses and handle information and results during the courses. It includes a chat function for easy communication, a chat-based questionnaire for calculating participants’ CO2 emission footprints, and analytics thereof.

Besides the e-learning program, Jayway’s team also worked with BeChange in formulating their business plan and graphic profile.

“In this project, we have not just had fun working with a great team, we have been able to help BeChange scale their solution and thus help more people understand how they can lead more sustainable lives with an increased well being, and that is something Jayway is very proud to be part of.”

What we did.

Design sprint, user testing, concept development, building the platform, market research.

Key focus.

Digitizing an educational program from scratch. Forming the graphic profile, interviewing potential users, and forming a strategic sales plan.

The partnership.

In August 2019, Jayway and BeChanged teamed up as a first step in digitizing their concept.  Jayway has delivered design sprints and user testing In collaboration with Luleå tekniska universitet. With this background, Jayway developed an MVP for an educational platform. Our team also worked with BeChange on their customer offer and business plan as well as their graphic profile. This stage of the project was partly funded by Energimyndigheten as a part of their program “Design for energy-efficient everyday life”. 

In April 2020, we continued the project remotely and developed the final product, BeChange’s first e-learning program, and platform.

The project has been carried out by BeChange, a core team from Jayway and temporary collaborations with various partners along the way. 

Visit the website here.

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