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The starting point for the Prove phase is one or several solution candidates that have been validated with customers, users and internal stakeholders. Using lean terminology, you will then have identified a preliminary Problem-Solution fit. Based on previous activities, including dialog with key stakeholders, you will also have a good handle on how you can expect to capture business value.

Validating your assumptions with select customers and users is a very good start. To be fully confident in moving forward with a full-blown development initiative with limited risk, you will want to gather more data to prove that we are indeed on the right path.

A good way to do this is by exposing the solution candidates to a wider audience and carefully measuring how users interact with it. We will gather both qualitative and quantitative data to be able to judge how successful we are in solving customer- and user needs, while at the same time achieving your business objectives.

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While the activities will still be quite user-oriented, technology will come more into play. Activities will include

Product prototypes
To be able to gather high-quality data, we will assist you in developing the prototypes into scaled-down versions of the solution. This will usually be developed and deployed on the tech platform that we expect to use for the full product.

Data instrumentation
We will provide the executables with hooks to be able to collect live usage data. This will be important to gather evidence that we draw the right conclusions about user behavior and business impact.

User testing
We will also continue with customer- and user testing to ensure optimal user value and experience.

Based on data and observations, we will adjust the prototypes as needed to find out the best ways to implement key functionality from both a user- and business perspective.

Tech investigations
In some cases we will also need to verify that certain technology choices are fit for purpose.


The primary outcome of the Prove phase is to establish concrete evidence of a strong Product-Market fit, which will motivate your team to pursue a development initiative for either commercial or internal purposes. Along with the prototypes and revised designs, we will provide a Development Promemoria that covers the following:

  • Executive summary: A concise summary of the findings and recommendations. 
  • Data collection: A detailed report of the key findings and insights obtained through live data gathering and user testing.
  • Tech platform: Results from tech investigations and evaluation of their applicability to the initiative. 
  • Recommendations: Conclusions and our recommendations on how to proceed, including how to structure and conduct a development initiative.
  • Roadmap: An initial product roadmap, outlining the timeline and cost estimates 
  • Risks: A risk assessment that highlights potential threats to the initiative and suggests methods for risk mitigation.

The Prove phase will conclude with a half-day seminar involving key stakeholders to review the results and align on the next steps.

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