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The Evolve phase aims to design, develop, and scale your product or service for commercial or internal purposes. It starts with a solid understanding of the opportunity at hand, technical issues, risks, and other important data gathered in previous phases. As the product evolves and reaches a wider audience, the workload and complexity increase significantly. To manage this complexity, we have developed a comprehensive process handbook, the Creative Tech Playbook, to support teams and leaders throughout the product journey.

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The Evolve phase begins with a week of prep work, including onboarding the full team and collaborating with product management to plan and review the vision and roadmap and co-create a product backlog. Key stakeholders meet to establish governance routines, and the team may be divided into subteams focusing on specific functional areas, technical architecture, or processes.

The product is then developed and deployed to customer’s users in a highly iterative and continuous manner. Parallel activities include

Product Management
Ensuring that the product continues to create expected value from both a user- and business perspective.

Designing, developing and testing the product iteratively.

Going live with customers and users.

Data collection
Gathering live data, analyzing, and validating it.

User testing
Validating the product with customers and users to collect qualitative data.

Risk management
Ongoing analysis and mitigation of risk.

Demonstrations and feedback reviews.

Revising the Roadmap and detailed planning.

Steering/sponsor committee work and reporting.


The primary outcome of Evolve is a continuously evolving and successful product that fulfills the product vision and business objectives.

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