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The main purpose of the Define phase is to reduce time to market and risk, and ensure customer satisfaction in a way that harmonizes with your business objectives. This phase in the Product Journey should start from a set of well-defined opportunities, business objectives and constraints. One way to achieve this may have been a previous Explore phase

In Define we will focus on identifying strong solution candidates and validating them with prospective customers and users. Based on the results of this, we will then select and prioritize the most promising solution candidates to move forward with.

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Define is all about structured creativity. The activities will include a number of exercises and workshops

We will get busy and creative together with you to come up with strong solution candidates and define criteria that we will use to evaluate them.

We will bring the most promising solution candidates to life with lightweight prototypes.

User testing
We will validate the prototypes together with stakeholders as well as current and prospective customers and user representatives.

Working with your stakeholders we will ensure that the solution candidates align with your desired outcomes.

Product Architecture
Already at this stage it will be important to get a handle on the technologies required. We will therefore do a brief investigation of relevant tech architectures and, if applicable, 3rd party products that may be useful.


The main outcome of Define will be one or several strong solution candidates that have been carefully validated. There will also be alignment among key stakeholders around how to capture business value. 

The main deliverable will be a Product Brief that summarizes the findings and provides recommendations for how to go forward with the solution candidates. The Product Brief will include the following information:

  • Solution candidates and the rationale for selecting these
  • Prototype designs 
  • Key findings from customer- and user interviews, prototype testing, and stakeholder conversations
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Risks and risk mitigation
  • Recommendations for further development

We will normally also include a 90-minute dialog session with key stakeholders to demonstrate the prototypes, walk through the Product Brief, and discuss what may be next.

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