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UX Enhancement

By improving the usability, accessibility, and desirability of a product or service, a UX enhancement initiative can help increase user engagement and satisfaction. In the case of a commercial b2b or b2c product or service, an enhanced user experience can improve conversion and retention and potentially be a highly important growth driver.

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The activities aim to identify any areas where users may face difficulties or frustrations while interacting with the product or service, as well as opportunities to improve the overall user experience. A UX enhancement initiative typically involves a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to gain a solid understanding of user needs and preferences.

The first activity will often be to meet with key stakeholders in a workshop format to establish the purpose and objectives of the enhancement initiative. Based on this, we will then do a detailed plan for the following activities.  

User interviews
We will conduct interviews with a representative sample of users to uncover their needs (met as well as unmet), goals and pain points in their usage of the product.

Usability testing
By observing users when they interact with the product, we will gain very valuable insights into potential areas of improvement. We may identify obstacles, confusion and areas in need of improvement.

Data collection
In addition to the qualitative assessments, the product or service can be instrumented to facilitate data collection. This may answer specific questions about usage patterns.

In many cases, surveys can provide quantitative data on user satisfaction and identify additional areas of improvement.

We will also evaluate the experience against established good UX practices. This will often inspire new ways of helping customers to achieve their goals in the most efficient and pleasant way.

If the user experience includes a significant amount of text, it is also important to assess the accessibility of the copy for the target audience.

Our UX experts will analyze the results and prepare for a stakeholder seminar.

Dialog seminar
The activities will conclude with a seminar where key stakeholders and present to discuss findings and discuss potential actions and priorities.


A very important outcome of the activities will be a shared understanding of the importance of a pleasant and productive User Experience to achieve your business objectives. The activities will help to create alignment around your ambitions and the most important actions required to reach the next level. 

The outcome will be documented in a comprehensive report, the User Experience  Memorandum. This report will include:

  • Executive summary: A high-level summary of major findings and recommendations. 
  • Analysis: Detailed analysis of the current strengths and areas for improvement in the product or service from a user perspective. This will include both quantitative and qualitative data. 
  • Recommendations: Based on key findings, we will provide actionable recommendations. These may include design changes, content improvements, or technical modifications.
  • Roadmap: To support your implementation, we will propose a prioritized roadmap and guidelines. 
  • Best practice: If relevant, the report may also provide recommendations on how to work with continuous and data-informed UX revision in the development organization. This should often be an ongoing and iterative activity to keep up with changing user needs and preferences.  
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