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Environmental Impact Analysis

One of today’s biggest challenges for all businesses (and for the society as a whole) is how to reduce the climate impact and reach as low emissions as possible to meet the goals of the Paris agreement. It is very complex to grasp the full environmental impact for a complete business, to change it for the better even more.

One approach to this is to analyze a specific process, calculate impact and propose an alternative solution. Devoteam calls this the Environmental Return on Investment (or short E-RoI) package. E-RoI is a subset of the S-RoI measure and addresses the Environmental part of Sustainability (the other two being the Economic and Social parts). This package aims at highlighting the environmental impact that a specific process or way of working has and at the same time evaluate and propose an alternative digital solution together with a calculated gain/loss from an environmental perspective.

The package could be used within areas of a business where improved digitalization is on the agenda and to find where an investment would make the biggest environmental gain.

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The main activities include the following

Scope and Context
To begin with, we will need to clarify the context and scope of the initiative; e.g. a specific process with clear boundaries and the business objectives linked to it. This is done with key stakeholders and communicated throughout the analysis.

Identify and Understand
Identify process owners and key process users participating in the daily process related work and then arrange workshops, interviews and dialogs with all the identified stakeholders, to document the parts and the expected outcome of the process.
This step has dual purposes, both to find all the parts environmental impact but also to understand the process and outcome.

Evaluate Uncertainty
Perform a sensitivity analysis to understand how changes in findings can affect the outcome. This helps in identifying areas of uncertainty.

External parties
If there are external dependencies, an important step is to investigate and estimate this impact as well.

Business Evolvement
Depending on the ambition, there is also a possibility to challenge existing business objectives related to the investigated process. If applicable, this is done with key stakeholders in a workshop like format.

We will summarize all learnings and observations, and analyze the investigated process environmental impact. At the same time we will make a rough design proposal of an alternative solution together with its related alternative environmental impact.

Findings Workshop
The activities will conclude with a workshop to present our results in the form of total environmental impact, together with an alternative solution with a possible alternative environmental impact. We will also present a proposed way forward.


We will deliver the Environmental Memorandum which is a comprehensive report including

  • Executive summary: A high-level summary of findings and recommendations. 
  • Current state: A detailed analysis of the current state of the process in question, together with the estimated environmental impact shown in detail.
  • Alternative solution: We will provide an alternative way of replacing the current process with a new one with preferable lower environmental impact. 
  • Possible way forward: The memorandum will propose a prioritized roadmap for the next steps in introducing the alternative as of above. This also includes how to proceed in more detail.

The memorandum will be presented- and discussed in a seminar format.

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