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Digital Transformation Booster

Digital Transformation is the process of leveraging digital technologies to improve business operations, create new revenue streams, and deliver more value to customers. For many organizations at an early stage in their digital development, this can be quite challenging. But it is essential for growth – or even survival – in today’s economy.

Devoteam’s booster package is designed to provide customized planning and launch support for structured digital transformation initiatives, tailored to the unique needs, opportunities, and constraints of the organization.

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Digital transformation encompasses two main dimensions. One is digitizing the company, i.e. using digital technologies to enhance operational efficiency. This is necessary to enable the second dimension, which is to develop new digital value propositions.

Digital transformation requires a clear and realistic vision that outlines the organization’s objectives, strategies, and target outcomes. Leadership plays a crucial role in defining and communicating this vision to employees, stakeholders, and customers. We will work with key decision makers in interactive workshops to co-create the vision and key objectives.

To support basic digital operational efficiency and enable digital business design, the organization must have a number of capabilities in place. We work closely with all relevant stakeholders to investigate the current state of the organization’s digital capabilities and assets, identifying any gaps that may hinder the transformation process. This allows us to provide tailored recommendations

To fully realize the benefits of digital technology, organizations must harmonize their operations and processes with the requirements of digital business development. Good practices include adopting an agile and data-informed approach that emphasizes continuous improvement as well as frequent user- and customer feedback. In this activity, we will have conversations with key stakeholders to understand the current situation and identify potential areas of improvement.

Business Development
Depending on the ambition, many organizations need to challenge traditional business models and be open to new revenue streams that digital technologies can enable. This may require a different mindset and could be a topic already during the initial vision-building activity. We will guide and support you in identifying new avenues of growth and suggest how to pursue them.

In addition to the necessary capabilities, the organization must be in harmony with its vision and ambitions. Employees must be trained and empowered in new ways to be able to embrace new digital technologies and be willing to learn new skills. This requires a culture of continuous learning and experimentation. Conversations with select employees and managers are a good way of assessing areas of interest.


All activities will be documented in a comprehensive report; the Transformation Memorandum. This report will identify areas of improvement in the two main dimensions; i.e. digitization and digital business development. Content will include:

  • Executive summary: We will provide an overview with our comments on the current state of your organization and its digital capabilities and business development. We will also offer insights into the potential future state and suggest areas of improvement. 
  • Activity chapters: Each main activity will have a dedicated summarizing workshops, dialogs and our recommendations. This will provide you with insights and a clear understanding of key findings and possible actional steps to take.  
  • Priorities and focus: We will present our suggestions and rationale for prioritizing certain initiatives and focus areas that we find will be especially important to consider. 
  • Roadmap: We will present a high-level roadmap, outlining key activities and resource needs along a timeline. This will serve as a guide for you to execute your transformation ambitions effectively. 

The interactions with stakeholders and employees will inspire and facilitate a shared understanding of your organization’s future vision and needs, fostering alignment and collaboration throughout the transformation process.

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