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Business and Organizational Agility

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it is essential for organizations to be responsive to change. This is important both to build resilience and to proactively take advantage of market trends and emerging technological innovations.

Traditional project-based approaches to IT initiatives are often inflexible. Executing a pre-conceived project plan can be efficient in some situations, but can also be an impediment to the organization’s ability to quickly adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Our experience and research show that increased agility can provide major benefits for businesses. It can help you to respond more quickly to changes in the market, go to market with new products and services faster, and reduce costs and risk. For businesses that want to innovate and stay ahead of the curve, an agile mindset is essential.

The purpose of our Business and Organizational Agility initiative is therefore to help you identify areas of improvement and assist you in adapting your processes and organization to become more flexible and responsive to change and be ready to capture new opportunities.

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Every organization is a complex system with a lot of variables and moving parts. This makes every situation unique, and there is no fixed recipe for agile success. We will therefore approach this task with great respect for the history and what has worked well. All activities will be as collaborative as possible. Active stakeholder engagement is necessary to achieve the right quality, and it will also support buy-in. It is usually a good idea to start from an overall perspective and then drill down into the most promising areas. We will often include the following main activities

Current state
We will start with an overall look at the organization and its IT-related activities, assets and project portfolios. This will help us to map out the current state and identify important topics.

Agile readiness
We will apply a combination of tools such as surveys, dialogs and workshops with stakeholders to assess the overall degree of agile maturity in the organization. This will be done from multiple perspectives; often including people, culture, leadership, governance and cross-functional collaboration.

Product management
Agile organizations apply a portfolio- and product management model in their digital initiatives. All process activities, from budgeting to development, are focused on continuous value creation. To succeed in this, the organization must be aligned accordingly, and we will work with you to identify potential areas of improvement.

Software development
The design- and development activities are of course highly critical for success. Agile development in a product-oriented organization requires a user-centric and data-informed approach, and a solid application of DevOps practices is key. We will therefore often do a deep-dive into current practices and identify potential gaps.

Special topics
We may also study certain critical parts of your value chain to assess whether there is a need for up- or downstream adjustments.

Analysis and synthesis
We will summarize all learnings, observations, and conversations and produce a tentative set of recommendations. We iterate this with you to ensure that we cover all important aspects.

Dialog seminar
Lastly, we will present our findings and recommendations to management and (often) key stakeholders and discuss the path forward.


Our engagement will result in the following outcomes:

  • A comprehensive Business Agility Memorandum that details all findings and recommendations, including an implementation roadmap with high-level milestones, timelines, and resource requirements.
  • Improved communication, positive momentum, and alignment among stakeholders through cross-functional interactions.
  • A more agile and responsive organization that is better equipped to meet the challenges of the ever-changing business landscape.

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Download our One-pager about Business and Organizational Agility (coming soon)

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