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What’s the effort to migrate from BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services?

A modern integration platform enables a business to deliver products and services more efficiently with better insight and with access to the latest tools in emergent areas such as AI. Azure Integration Services is an excellent future-proof option that comes with all the benefits that are inherent to the cloud in terms of scalability, reliability, security and more. Today it is often Microsoft BizTalk Server that fulfills the integration needs in many businesses. It does this well but is coming to age feature-wise and there is a general expectation that it is soon to be discontinued giving another great motivation for starting a migration journey to Azure Integration Services today!

We offer a structured approach for migrations divided into an assessment phase and an implementation phase. The model brings flexibility to the customer since the implementation phase is optional and may be scheduled at a later time for minimal disruption.

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The BizTalk migration assessment analysis involves several key activities

Current estate
We build an as-is picture of the existing BizTalk environment

Stakeholder views
We collect the stakeholders’ concerns about the current system.

Cloud readiness
We review whether there is a suitable landing zone available for Azure Integration Services to run in.

Data classification
We consider if there is sensitive or confidential data that needs to be taken into account when moving to the cloud.

We identify a good approach to governing the new solution from a people and process perspective


A important result of the activities is an increased and shared understanding of the opportunities, constraints and work effort of a migration. We will deliver the Migration Memorandum which is a comprehensive report including:

  • Executive summary: A high-level summary of findings and recommendations. 
  • Required flows: A list of integrations that needs to be implemented to cover the functionality currently found in BizTalk server. 
  • Landing zone recommendation: Advice concerning an existing Azure environment or recommendations for creating a new environment. 
  • To-be architecture: A suggested architecture using Azure Integration Services.
  • Roadmap: A high-level plan for how to execute an implementation and migration with the least possible disruption.
  • Risks and constraints: A list of identified risks and constraints that need to be managed throughout the implementation stage.
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