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AI Readiness Booster

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a powerful driving force in many industries and organizations. AI has the potential to enable entirely new value propositions, streamline operations, and deliver better customer experiences. Organizations that are able to successfully adopt AI are well-positioned to gain significant advantages.

Implementing AI successfully requires careful planning and preparation. The purpose of the AI Readiness Booster is, therefore, to review an organization’s current capabilities and readiness for capturing new value based on AI, and provide recommendations for how to move forward.

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The main activities include the following

Objectives and needs definition
The first activity is often a collaborative workshop with stakeholders to clarify the vision, aspirations, business objectives, and new AI-related capabilities that will be required.

Infrastructure readiness review
The architecture must be scalable and flexible so that it can adapt as the applications grow and the needs change. The architecture must also be protected from unauthorized access.

Data capability review
Data quality is essential for AI models to perform well. Data must be available, accurate, complete, and secure at all times.

Use Case Identification
Identify and prioritize areas where the organization may apply AI to innovate and improve products, services, and operations. This activity is also highly collaborative, with workshop activities in various constellations.

AI Skillset
Determine the organization’s current AI talent, identify possible gaps, and what additional training or hiring may be required.

Impact analysis
AI may have a profound impact on some business activities. This should be identified and addressed early on.

Risk assessment
AI may also introduce new risks; e.g. bias in algorithms and privacy concerns. This needs to be highlighted and managed.

Roadmap creation
Together with key stakeholders we will co-create a roadmap for the organization to follow in order to build AI capabilities and pursue the business objectives.


This initiative will facilitate buy-in and organizational alignment around the potential future application of AI, enabling the organization to take advantage of AI opportunities and to move forward with a clear vision. All activities will be documented in a comprehensive report, the AI Readiness Memorandum

This memorandum will include:

  • Executive summary, with our overall comments on the organization’s current and possible future state of AI capabilities.
  • Strategy: An overall strategy for how to approach the identified AI opportunities.
  • Key observations: Important observations and findings, including gaps and inconsistencies in different aspects of the organization’s AI capabilities. 
  • Priorities: Suggestions and rationale for how to focus, including a brief cost-benefit analysis.
  • Capabilities: Recommendations for how to enhance and enrich capabilities if needed.
  • AI governance: Overall governance issues, including recommendations on ensuring ethical and responsible use of AI and compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Special topics: Depending on the findings, we will also elaborate on certain important topics. This may include 
  • Roadmap: A high-level roadmap with key activities and resource needs along a timeline. 
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