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Maravilha Farms modernize farming across Europe with outsystems

The snapshot


Improved agricultural business model


OutSystems technology implementation creating a unified information structure


High-performance processing of crucial, day-to-day data

The challenge

Maravilha Farms exports around 1,100 tons of fruit each year. Until recently, the success of their harvest has been calculated manually. The multi-berry producer found it incredibly time-consuming to record and analyze the day-to-day data.

To support quick-thinking managerial decisions, it quickly became evident that there was a need for a more streamlined framework. Devoteam was there to lend a helping hand.

The solution

The solution to these problems needed to be functional and intuitive for users, keeping employees at all levels engaged in their work. Introducing the Field Data Collector, users were able to analyze metrics and indicators of every harvest effectively.

Our OutSystems team created a mobile application used in ruggedized devices by Maravilha Farms workers and supervisors conducting fieldwork. It allows the collection and processing of crucial data in day-to-day processes and operations. This includes reading thousands of barcodes, gathering information about the cultures and daily pickings.

The better change

Producing real-time information to thousands of workers via the Field Data Collector

Resulting in many processes running three times faster

Easing staff allocation, task management and better decision making

Workers can now focus on their tasks at hand while getting real-time feedback.