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ECO – Simulating the future of mobile networks

Devoteam Creative Tech is the software partner for The European Communication Office (ECO), which is the permanent office of the CEPT. An organization gathering 48 countries in the European continent that work together to harmonize the use of mobile communications in order to create a dynamic and efficient market.

Devoteam Creative Tech has delivered an open-source simulation tool, programmed in Java, which is scalable and free to use for key stakeholders around the world.

Our solution architects have developed a whole new and unique framework, which makes it possible for the users to independently develop and test their own radio and mobile systems. Since the users can contribute their plugins to the community, the tool becomes more and more complete and allows for unique custom-made interference calculations of increasing robustness. The tool is widely used across the world and valued by its users and scientists. Our work for ECO is led by some of our most experienced Java specialists in Copenhagen.


ECO & Devoteam Creative Tech since 2011

What we did.

Backend development, system architecture, open-source, Java.



We lay great value on building a cooperative, transparent, and trusting working environment, and Jayway shares the same values. This includes robust and well-commented coding, the high reactivity of the development team, seamless communication, transparency in each stage of the development, and obviously fair pricing to ensure that the customer gets value for money.