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Product Development Teams

Developing digital products and services requires a mixture of many diverse skills and experiences. Important success factors also include agility, structure, a tightly knit cross-disciplinary team and preferably applying DevOps principles.

We have helped businesses of all sizes succeed and can provide a complete team tailored to your needs. Also, we can augment and complement your organization with the right team members and competencies. Partnership and co-creation between us and our clients has proven to be a very powerful combination.

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Product Discovery and Product Delivery

As for the structure, we often suggest to put our Creative Tech Playbook™ to good use. This is our comprehensive guide to advanced software engineering. It includes our best practices for product management, design, development, QA, deployment, and more.

Time and again, the agile Build/Measure/Learn (B/M/L) cycle with its continuous experimentation, validation and iteration, has proven to be an essential success factor in digital product development.

In our Playbook we have documented our heavily pressure-tested product Development and Delivery practices. While the individual practices are not unique, the way we have constructed  and iterated our methodology over 22+ years makes it unusually powerful. 

Our model borrows from proven concepts such as Agile/Lean, User Centricity, DevOps and Data-informed design and development. What makes our model unique is the way we have integrated these concepts to create a truly seamless and integrated workflow. We call this the Product Journey.

Product Discovery, tightly integrated with Development and Delivery, plays a critical role in the Build/Measure/Learn cycle. Through structured and data-informed Discovery activities, the Product Manager and team will understand business goals, align on opportunities to address, and gain deep insights into user needs, preferences, and pain points. By generating and validating solution ideas based on real-world user data, teams can create truly user-centered and effective products.


This methodology enables us to support you end-to-end in building a high-performing cross-functional team and create digital products in an Agile and cost-effective value chain. The advantages are many:

  • Shorter time to value
  • Fully integrated team means superior productivity
  • Outcome focus to secure business value
  • Iterative workflow facilitates learning; reducing risk significantly
  • Decisions informed by data ensures that you build the right product
  • A great User Experience maximizes both user- and business value

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