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Working with tech makes me proud.

I want to highlight the impact tech has. Not only can tech help us with environmental challenges. Tech can also help companies use their resources in a better and more efficient way. Realizing what tech can do is very cool.

Using resources in an innovative way.
I recently read that a factory has found a way to use their waste material. They were selling the waste of their products by using an app. They were actually making money on things they were throwing away. They still made sure that all the material came to use. Their waste was exactly the material another factory needed. That is, in my opinion, an excellent way of using the resources of the planet. Also, the factory found a new business model. It’s a win-win situation.

Digital solutions can give your physical processes a more efficient way of running them. You can save time and reduce costs. Perhaps it looks like the previous example of the factory. Or you find a way of shipping products on-demand. Having a chat-bot instead of a customer service office. Or you increase the lifecycle of an expensive product by using “machine to machine learning”.

Using data and understand the whole picture.
Another way of a win-win situation is when you start to track the things you do in your company. In the tech industry, that is what we call collecting data. What if you can understand the needs of your customers through facts. You can identify the whole customer journey and increase the value.

What if you would measure the routes that your delivery vehicle is using and you combine that with something else that drives the same path? What if you could measure how much material you are using and realize where you can get rid of things. What if you can share a resource with another company, a car, a machine, staff, and still measure who is using what. With data, you can make products and processes more efficient and sustainable.

The bigger challenge.
By combining a product or a process with technology on it is smart. There are so many interesting technologies today. So many possibilities. My tip is to get involved in tech and see with your own eyes what a huge impact tech can have, both on the environment and to affect your business.

Thinking about what our world looks like we all know we need to take action. I believe tech has a huge impact on the future. Together we can make things more resource-effective, cost-effective, and more valuable. This is why I’m proud to work with tech.

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