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April 11, 2023 - April 27, 2023

AI-art challenge in Halmstad! 11-25 april

Join us in crafting creative art with AI, Halmstad

AI has been taking us with storm the recent months, with the launch of chatGPT it was a fact. But we’ve also seen AI conquering other areas, and in this particular case we are focusing on the visual part. It especially good attention when Jason M. Allen won an art competition with his AI rendered art work. This sparked headlines, controvers and not lest curiosity. With several services being at hand, questions arises: What is art, for who, and what are the rules around it? How does it affect the society, occupations and feelings? This is something that we want to explore further, how techique changes human behaviour. And to highlight this, we are set to have a little challenge or competition around this.

The competition is now active and you will be able to send your contributions to us between 17-25 april. The 27th of april, we will announce winners and exciting contributions, which will also be displayed in the exteriors of Devoteam office facing Stora torg and Brogatan. If your art is qualified and printed, you will be able to claim this after it has been displayed.

The competition in based on the theme “Future in Halmstad” and will be analysed in these fields:

  • Most interesting representation of “The future in Halmstad”
  • Most creative work in general
  • Best described, and most creative process creating the art piece
  • A jury will decide winners and announce them the 27th of april.
  • The winners will have their art exhibited in the windows of devoteam office, facing Stora torg and brogatan in Halmstad. You will also recieve the printed version of your art

How to join the competition

  • Craft your artwork
  • Send it throught the form linked below (google login). If not possible, contact us here
  • Last day to send your contribution is Sunday 23rd of April.


  • The larger the image the better, (500pixels will be a poor experience)
  • Not exceed 20Mb
  • A good explanation on how you crafted the artwork. What was your initial thought, and prompt? How did you proceed until you were satisfied?
  • Example of tools are: Dall-e, midjourney and adobe firefly

April 11, 2023 - April 27, 2023

AI-art challenge in Halmstad! 11-25 april